Isbourne Catchment Group

We have established a River Isbourne Catchment group, to consider and hopefully through collective action address the longer term environmental management/flood risks associated with the river and its tributaries.

As a flood group in Sedgeberrow we have experience of the many agencies involved with the flooding issue and feel a collective approach based upon the actual river catchment and not artificial boundaries (parish, district, county etc.) would be a unique and potentially compelling initiative.

We have set out our initial thinking in the rather grandiosely described prospectus but are looking for other interested individuals and community groups to join us in taking ownership of what would be a truly catchment wide approach, not a narrower perspective which is inevitably the focus for the village flood group.

We already have support from Gloucestershire and Worcestershire County Council, Tewkesbury Borough Council, Environment Agency, Gloucestershire University and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Service.

We would really welcome your views and critically whether you would be willing to sign up to membership of the group.

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