Reducing both the frequency and severity of flooding in the Isbourne catchment area.

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Catchment and landcare in Isbourne

The Isbourne Catchment Group (ICG) is a recently formed community group focussed upon the catchment of the River Isbourne from its source on Cleeve Common to its confluence with the River Avon at Evesham. A distance of 14 miles with a catchment area of circa 48 square miles. The catchment based approach is a deliberate move to avoid “artificial” boundaries not recognised by the River, such as parish or county boundaries. Membership of the group has been drawn from parishes along the length of the catchment and reflects interests arising from the devastating floods of 2007, and on-going flood risks.

The Groups aim is to minimise both the frequency and severity of flooding in the Isbourne catchment into the future, whilst also recognising the importance of land management, water quality and the wider environment.

To deliver this catchment based approach, the group has set out a range of activities which fall into short, medium and long term objectives, briefly summarised in the table below. Whilst predominantly a community based group, the ICG has been fortunate to enlist the support of both the University of Gloucestershire (School of Natural and Social Sciences) and Gloucestershire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG). However, in order to achieve the objectives below, it is recognised that support from a host of statutory agencies will be vital as they not only hold much of the information being sought in the short term phase, but can provide guidance and advice, and potentially assist in unlocking funding that will be required.

The River Isbourne passes through two counties Gloucestershire and Worcestershire . Within this area are 12 parishes: Evesham Town, Hinton on the Green, Sedgeberrow, Winchcombe, Sudeley, Dumbleton, Buckland, Southam, Stanway, Toddington, Temple Guiting and Stanton.

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